Dome: Episode One

A heartbreaking portrayal of ambition, betrayal, and intrigue, Dome is a serialized Science-Fiction Thriller that tells the story of a small group of people who try to figure out the reason behind the construction of this dome-city in the center of the world’s harshest continent.


For a man who knows that our worst nightmares are about to come true, Jack Riddell has no trouble sleeping at night. “It is said that Caesar wept when he found out about Pompey’s death.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” the host of the show, a woman in her mid-thirties, asks. For the last hour or so, the richest man in the world has avoided giving her a straight answer.

Jack laughs. “A man’s character is determined by how he reacts in the face of adversity. By how strong his enemies are.” Ignoring the dumbfounded expression of the host, he adds, “I believe people should realize Dome is a simple reminder that we can fight against insurmountable odds and win.”

“People don’t like it when a corporation invests billions of dollars in an artificial city.”

“Whether people like it or not, it is not my concern. Our money, our investment, our city.”

“See?” the host cries. “You’re displaying the same arrogance that has cost us dearly in the past. Megalomania is one way of further crippling our resources.”

“Do you know, miss, why we do most of the things we do? Wage wars and send space ships and build artificial cities in the damn center of this planet’s harshest continent?” Jack pauses for a moment, staring around at the faces in the audience. “Because we can.”

“KaiCorp has spent the last thirty-five years investing tens of billions of dollars in this city, in permanent bases on the Moon or Mars. An awful lot of money just to prove a point.”

“Advertising, miss. That’ all.” Jack grins.

“A bit costly. Wouldn’t you say so?”

“Let me tell you this,” Jack says as he places his palm over his chest. “It’s not all a waste of money. We do a lot of research and development there.”

“But not enough to recoup losses of almost 27 billion dollars in the last fiscal year alone.”

“And your concern is?”

“What are you doing there, mister Riddell?”

Jack smiles his smile, the one he uses whenever he wants to assure people he is aware of his place in the world: he is at the top, staring down at everyone else. A bizarre mixture of sympathy and hatred and arrogance.  Then he takes a deep breath, as if he’s readying himself to explain where babies come from to a five year old, and says, “Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza believed miracles to be unexplained acts of nature…”

Dome – Antarctica – 20th of March, 2087

Alexander Truffon knows he is going to die. His head is bloody, his legs tired. Muscles and joints and skin and bone hurt with every step he takes, with every breath, with every thought it seems. All around him, burning cars, bullet shells. Police sirens – a distant cry. He closes his eyes in quiet surrender.

A few minutes later, after they’ve surrounded him, pointed a number of guns at him, and shouted threats through a megaphone, he surrenders to the Guard.

Dome: Episode One is available as a free download here:

PDF | Scribd 

Also available on: |

*Episode Two slated for release on the 15th of November 2017


7 thoughts on “Dome: Episode One

  1. Hi Christian, I’m on my phone and cannot “like” this installment but as another writer I wanted to tell you you write beautifully! Many would-be writers fail to observe the necessary paucity of adjectives and adverbs essential to good writing but in your piece here nary a word is extraneous and few modifiers are to be found, except those essential to moving the story. Your writing Is lucid and just plain readable because of this. Remarkable job— and I say this without being a sci-Fi aficionada at all.

    Thank you for an enjoyable read. I don’t say that to many whose writing I read online because as you might guess my standards are high!

    Peace and many thanks for your continued support of both WAGblog and, i deeply appreciate it.

    Pamela Spiro Wagner


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