You and I through a thousand lives…

Here we are, holding hands at the edge of forever. Here we are, in the emptiness between stars. Here we are, waiting for another life.
Soulmates never die.

You know the legend the Ancient Greeks had about humans? That they once had four legs and four arms and heads with two faces? That Zeus, afraid of them being too powerful, decided to split them in half, damned them to spend a lifetime in search of their missing halves?

No, not a lifetime, but a thousand lifetimes…

Finding and losing the missing half, over and over again.

Like Prometheus having his liver eaten by a giant eagle every single day.

We are broken, we are missing, whatever’s left is missing the other half so damn much… broken, complete, broken, complete. On and on like this. On and on forever.

Like Sisyphus and his damn boulder.

Eternity testing us to see if we are indeed one piece broken in half by the gods.

Fate testing whether or not love conquers all.

Like Orpheus travelling through the Underworld for his missing half.

Here we are at the edge of forever.

Holding hands.

At the boundary between life and death. Between nothing and everything.

Here we are.

And the stars shine hard and bright against the darkness.

Atlas struggling to hold the world against his shoulders.

And only at the edge of forever do we become what we were designed to become.

The brief moment when Sisyphus can catch a glimpse of the top of the mountain.

Holding hands, at the edge of darkness, we become one.

All the early mornings when Prometheus awakens whole. He opens his eyes for the briefest of moments, his eternal punishment lingering before his eyes; just a nightmare.

“Was it real, did it happen?” the Titan asks himself.

The pain of being ripped apart over and over again but a faint sensation burning inside him.

But then the immortal sees the giant eagle in the distance.

Dreams do come true. Oh, they do. But we often forget that nightmares are dreams too.

You and I can die a thousand times, yet we always find ourselves at this bitter edge. Holding hands.

You and I through a thousand lives…


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