Some say life resembles a highway. We travel so fast because we don’t want to live in the here and now, because we feel that the future is going to be better than we can imagine. We travel on a highway that’s slowly sinking under the horizon, with no maps, trying to get to a place we can’t be sure exists. On each side of this road, there are trees and endless fields – a barren wasteland melting under the sun or shivering beneath a silvery moon. We don’t have time to stop, we don’t have time to think.

At 100 miles per hour, you’re entire being collapses into a reflex.

The only way we can realize what’s going on is for us to crash into others. A painful process, in which there’s a lot of damage to be made, but a necessary one nonetheless. Continue reading



Once upon a time there was magic in this world. A little bit resided in each and everyone of us. Powerful mages taught those who were willing. People lived in harmony with the elements of nature, paid tribute to the gods.

My father told me that even a commoner could talk to the statues in the temples.

But a few hundred years ago one of the mages decided to conquer the world. And he did. He spent his years waging one war after another, until there were no more wars to fight. No enemies left.

He was old and sick and knew time was working against him. But his wife had been incapable of offering him an heir. His advisors urged him to find another woman, yet he did not take kindly to breaking his sacred vows.

Instead, he prayed. He prayed to all the gods, but none would listen. He called all the mages in the land, but no one could help him.

He needed an heir.

He had no more time.

He used what was left of his magic, built a child out of clay, breathed fire into him to give him life. But it wasn’t enough.

What if the child got sick and perished at a young age? What if someone decided to put poison in his food? He had plenty of enemies, his son would also. So he took it upon himself to make a deal with Death itself. He took it upon himself to cast spells against disease, against pain, against wounds.

What if this child of his would have his heart broken? What if they hurt him with spiteful words? What if all that was dark and gloom in this world would break him beyond repair?

So he cast spells against suffering, against anguish, despair. He used magic to cast out anger and hatred.

He did all he could.

He did all this because he needed an heir.

He did all these things, and then there was no more magic in the world.

Que sera, sera

It is said that when God glued the stars to the heavens, He already knew man would be His ultimate creation. To be created in His image. So God chose to write man’s fate in the stars. All that would happen, all the forces that would build or crush man’s dreams, all the moments of doubt, joy, or sorrow. All the tears, of all kinds. Everything, written in the stars. Everything, to be guarded by the most beautiful of angels.Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be. What’s meant to happen, will happen. Whether we want to or not.

The strange coincidences that shape the course of our lives are drawn against the night sky. You can almost decipher everything in the coldest and darkest nights. You can almost see your future, glued against the dark silence.
Whatever will be, will be.

And no man can ever do anything about it.
The planets align themselves.

The Universe serves you. Or does anything in its powers to crush you.

What is meant to happen, will happen.
Every single thing happens for a reason.
There’s no chaos, only order. One we don’t understand; one we sometimes don’t even desire. One that we despise.

But eventually we’ll see all that is written in the stars, and we’ll understand.

And, yet, it is also said that after He made man, in His image, God wasn’t pleased. Something was missing. His Adam seemed to be empty on the inside.
And then God, in His infinite wisdom and power, gave man the freedom of choice.

Adam was allowed to be the master of his fate, the creator of his destiny.

Whatever will be, will be.

Or maybe not.

You and I through a thousand lives…

Here we are, holding hands at the edge of forever. Here we are, in the emptiness between stars. Here we are, waiting for another life.
Soulmates never die.

You know the legend the Ancient Greeks had about humans? That they once had four legs and four arms and heads with two faces? That Zeus, afraid of them being too powerful, decided to split them in half, damned them to spend a lifetime in search of their missing halves?

No, not a lifetime, but a thousand lifetimes…

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I am an avid smoker. When I wake up in the morning, I feel this inexplicable urge to smoke a cigarette. I have to do it. After a good meal, I light myself a cigarette. I can’t drink coffee without two or three cigarettes – as a side dish, I suppose.

So one day I made myself a promise. For every cigarette I smoke I have to write one page of literature. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I have to write one page, five hundred or so words, just so I can puff away some nicotine. Continue reading

The Great Actor

“Look, sir, at all the letters you’ve received,” the nurse said as she looked at the pile of letters that lay on the desk. “More and more every week,” she added as she took a letter out of the pile and stared at it as though she were trying to read its content through the white envelope.

She turned around and smiled at the Great Actor, who was agonizing on the bed. His blue eyes were fixed in the direction of the TV and didn’t even seem to notice her presence. Continue reading