I am an avid smoker. When I wake up in the morning, I feel this inexplicable urge to smoke a cigarette. I have to do it. After a good meal, I light myself a cigarette. I can’t drink coffee without two or three cigarettes – as a side dish, I suppose.

So one day I made myself a promise. For every cigarette I smoke I have to write one page of literature. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I have to write one page, five hundred or so words, just so I can puff away some nicotine. Continue reading



The first thing you realize when a bullet pierces your flesh is that nothing lasts forever. And when your body hits the pavement you realize the second one. The most lasting truths are actually lies.

Small steps carried our bodies towards the cathedral, like we all had forgotten how to walk. But it wasn’t that. We had forgotten how it was to be free. We were around thirty. Young, strong men. But in that bitter cold, with the darkness hissing in our ears, we could barely stand on our feet. From time to time, we looked at each other as if trying to find a bit of comfort. Our warm, steamy breaths curled around our throats and lingered in the freezing air above our heads like hangman’s knots. Continue reading